How to Comment on Boott Hydropower Relicensing!

Enel Green Power (also known as Boott Hydro) must periodically renew their license with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). FERC gives an opportunity for the public to comment on the license and any things that they should consider when reviewing Enel’s application. That’s happening right now!

Because Enel owns nearly all the canals and hydropower equipment in Lowell, this is very important to Lowellians–whether they’re concerned about recreation in the canals, flooding, fisheries, historic preservation, or anything else related to the Pawtucket Dam or Lowell’s canals.

We’ve heard folks ask how people can submit comments. To comment, go to:

…and when it asks for a “docket number”, enter P-2790

To find all the information related to the relicensing, you can go to:,%20issuance&dkt=P-2790

This has a long list of documents, but the powerpoint presentation from last summer’s public meeting and Scoping Document 1 and Scoping Document 2 might be good places to start.

Finally, you can register and use the “subscribe” function to get more information as it comes by registering at the FERC eSubscription page.