Hamilton Canal Innovation District

Concept of Hamilton Canal Innovation District after complete build-out

The view of the massive brick mills is the first place visitors encounter the scene of Lowell as America’s most significant planned industrial city. Nearby Swamp Locks, one of most distinctive features in the city, was named after the wetlands that were formed by the confluence of canal segments.

Hamilton Canal Innovation District location

Today’s parking lots are slated to give way to available building parcels and additional open space opportunities. The City’s ambitious economic development plans include several large structures and an area for a parking garage. The Commonwealth is building a $200 million trial court at the eastern edge of the district. UMass Lowell has moved into 110 Canal Street, establishing an Innovation Hub and Medical Device Development Center. Learn more about the Hamilton Canal Innovation District at the official City of Lowell site.

The adjacent Utopian Park has shown its potential with nighttime events (food trucks, performers, and more) organized by Made in Lowell. On September 1, 2016, the Lowell Heritage Partnership, City officials, and community collaborators produced a spectacular one-night lighting display complete with entertainment, food trucks, and artwork that reinforced the site’s potential.

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