A Message To Our Community

Dear Friends and Partners of the Lowell Waterways Vitality Initiative,

During this challenging time of physical distance, we are reminded of the need to stay socially connected.

The impulse to reach out, check in, and provide support to one another exemplifies the civic responsibility we share as residents of Lowell. It is precisely this sense of solidarity that will get us through this period of uncertainty.

Feel free to check in with us regularly on our website, twitter, and facebook page to stay up to date on our activities. Be assured that we are using this time to plan for the future in our efforts to preserve our city’s rich cultural heritage and water resources.

In the meantime, our thoughts are with you and your families as we work through these difficult conditions.

Best Wishes,

Lowell Waterways Vitality Initiative

Purple Loosestrifes bloom on the banks of the Merrimack River | Image Credit: National Park Service